Evan Penny - Commentary


Murray and Large Murray

1995 to 2008

Murray is a friend and a professional artist’s model who I have known since the mid-1990s. I first worked with him at that time and produced the sculpture Murray: Grey (with greyness alluding to black and white photography). This was the first full figure I produced since the mid-1980s and marked my return to realist sculpture. The subsequent Murray: Blue variation was produced in a deep blue. A third variation Murray: Colour was produced in naturalistic colour.

Murray, variation of 3 (2007 to 2008) are head and shoulders portrait busts scaled at three times life-sized. They are frontal wall pieces sculpted in progressive compression.

Large Murray employs the clay sculpted head and shoulders from Murray and adds the full torso from the groin up. While it is sculpted in compression, it is fully sculpted in the round and is exhibited as an eight foot high (244 cm) freestanding floor piece.

Evan Penny, 2011